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Welcome to Caroline Z.

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Hi, I'm Caroline, the founder & designer of Caroline Z. It's strange to be finally be sharing some small pieces of a project that I've been so excited and stressed to be working on.

So far, I've touched every piece of this project, an exhilarating and overwhelming amount of work and control. I am tempted to simply throw my pieces out into the world without comment, saying, "Let them speak for themselves," but as a consumer as well as a designer, I know that rarely tells the story in a way that allows it the most justice, especially when you can't reach through a screen and feel the delicious fabric or see the way it moves. My goal is to use this space to explain details and point out parts of the process that might otherwise go undetected, as well as sharing news and updates, of course.

I'm not ready -- yet-- to explain my inspiration and the story behind what I have created. I want to wait for after the collection is unveiled to give all of the details.

I will just leave you with the title of my new collection, "The Chase."

And of course, a little teaser of what is to come: